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What we do

The business of YPERO S.A. consists in general contracting for investment projects for business and institutional clients. The company specialises in the construction of industrial and warehouse facilities, as well as in comprehensive execution of large-area finishing works. YPERO S.A.. manages and executes all elements and aspects of an investment process, starting from the concept, through efficient acquiring of funds as well as any documentation and permits, ending with a construction process itself and adjusting infrastructure to a user's individual needs.

Value created by YPERO S.A. for an investor during an investment process stems directly from the long-term experience of the Company's personnel in deep cost optimisation as well as organisational optimisation of the entire investment process and its individual elements, with the complete observance of standards expected by an investor. Furthermore, the personnel of YEPRO S.A. demonstrates exceptional flexibility towards investor's needs which appear or change during the execution of investment