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Who we are

YPERO S.A. is a medium-size engineering and construction company, operating on the B2B market as a General Contractor.

Although the current legal form of YPERO very young, the company’s beginnings reach the year 2004 when one of the shareholders starts business activities in the field of management and optimization of the activities of business entities. After over 10 years of work on different levels of foreign construction companies and having constructed buildings of total area of 300 000 mfor them, the other main shareholder establishes his own construction company in 2011. Shortly afterwards, the paths of both companies cross while implementing different investment projects. Fruitful cooperation between today’s partners becomes a perfect basis for a civil law partnership, created in 2014 as YPERO. The success of the partners’ joint business venture constitutes a solid foundation to create ambitious plans of development. To address organizational challenges while executing these plans, the partners change the legal form of the enterprise at the beginning of 2016 into a joint-stock company, which is entered in the National Court Register on 1st March 2016.

The main driving force of YPERO S.A. is a variety of competences and experiences of its founders, which – while maintaining decision-making and operational balance – gives surprisingly positive effects, highly appreciated by the market. That is why e.g. YPERO S.A. Management Board does not have the position of the President. Moreover, the Company tries to act unconventionally, identifying and executing tasks given by clients in the best possible way and without a special attachment to economically unprofitable cost burdens.

Consistently fulfilling the vision of a fair-trade company, YPERO S.A. quickly and permanently wins trust of its clients, employees, contractors, suppliers and financial and fiscal institutions. Business environment confidence is really essential for the Company and has always determined a long-term success of a business project, currently fulfilled by Paweł Prętkiewicz and Emil Kaczmarek under the name of YPERO.

business Purpose

Efficient organisation of construction works, through the comprehensive approach to a project, so that the quality of executed works is appropriate and the execution is according to schedule, with the full observance of technological regimes. The optimal coordination of supplies and works makes it possible for YPERO S.A. to always ensure that works are executed according to schedule, without unnecessary reserves and for the best price. While observing all of these rules, the Company gains client's satisfaction and achieves a positive financial result.


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