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YPERO S.A. deals with general contracting for investment projects for business and institutional clients. YPERO S.A. specialises in the construction of industrial and warehouse facilities with the minimum area of 1 000 m2.


Thanks to applied construction and organisational solutions, Facilities made by YPERO S.A. team are characterised not only by a low price, but they are also distinguished by a very short execution period which rarely exceeds several weeks.

Depending on an investor's needs, YPERO S.A.. manages and executes all elements and aspects of an investment process. Long-term experience of the Company's team demonstrates that the investment process, which is included in the scope of business of YPERO S.A., is divided into several elements:

preparing business analysis of an investment

active support in obtaining investment land

acquiring a building permit decision, together with making appropriate prior arrangements required for individual investments

obtaining an occupancy permit

preparing a business plan

preparing a feasibility study

comprehensive execution of construction works, in accordance with documentation and investor's or user's needs

expansion of existing facilities to match user's new needs

acquiring non-returnable fund for an investor

preparing a construction project

organisation and coordination of works connected with transporting and mounting appliances installed in constructed facilities

For obvious reasons, the elements of YPERO S.A. offer do not all appear in one project, although they are often executed in a specific scope which combines a few areas of work. The purpose of this list is to show the elements of the Company's offer which are not always associated with standard general contracting, and this is the reason why the Company stands out from its competitors.


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